Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain's Non-Vetting has REAL Implications: 'Joe the Plumber' Meets Palins' Problems

John McCain may become the official antonym to the word "vet" as used under this meaning:

2 a: to subject to usually expert appraisal or correction <vet a manuscript> b: to evaluate for possible approval or acceptance <vet the candidates for a position>

It is amazing that the man just cannot get it right, or doesn't care, or has a staff with their head's so completely immersed in the bizarre that self-created media bombs don't even trigger an evacuation notice.

As it turns out, "Joe the Plumber" has a few, um, issues:

1. Joe isn't licensed. Oops.
2. Joe isn't union, and Joe has never completed an apprenticeship program. Tsk, tsk.
3. Joe has a couple of tax leans (big oops).

Joe's claim to fame, of course, was his repeated (and repeated and repeated) mention in last night's debate by John McCain.

As the story goes, Joe was out tossing a football with his kid, and up drives Obama campaigning in his neighborhood. Joe stops tossing the skin and starts asking Obama about his tax plan and the $250K tax line.

Of course, McCain wants to tax Joe, and give relief to the extremely wealthy. Nothing new there. I'm sure the Wall Street gang and the wealthy CEOs expect nothing less. But this isn't something McCain readily admits.

Obama, on the other hand, doesn't increase taxes one penny for those making $249,999.99/year. Apparently, Joe doesn't think that if he makes that much he should pay taxes either. Heck, apparently, he doesn't pay his taxes now.

We all know the old story... the more you make, the less you feel you owe. And as McCain said last night, Obama wants to tax those above $250,000.00 and spread it around. One can only wonder what McCain thinks he have been doing historically.

I pay taxes, you pay taxes and yes they get spread around. Alaska doesn't contribute one nickel to the feds, but they get earmarks [c/o Palin and Alaska Senators. In fact, AK just got some more oink bucks from the bailout c/o Alaska Sen. Don Young (Section 504 of the bill). BTW, section 504 basically gives settlement moneys from the pro-oil drilling, benefit receiving, welfare state of Alaska Exxon Valdez spill via income averaging].

I guess Sarah is right. Paying taxes really isn't patriotic since she and Young tend to take, but never give. In light of her AIP support, shucks it fits. Yup, yup.

Obama wants the folks making that $250K and above to increasingly (with increased income) to pay more money to spread around.

I don't see the problem. This problem does bother me though:

First, McCain doesn't vet Palin, or at least he/his campaign did a nasty job of it if they did. Even some in his own party say that the pick was selfish and put the country at risk through his own ambition. Add me to that list from the liberal/progressive side. Her intelligence, her history, her affiliations and her lack of background on issues scares the hell out of me.

And I absolutely despise her environmental stands and buddy, she ain't no hunter of wolves. She approves wolf slaughter, not hunting. At a projected $1.2 million net worth, she and Todd are hardly middle class. Yet to listen to her, she seems to suggest she is. If $1.2 million net worth is middle class, then I just dropped seriously into the destitute class.

Nor is she a subsistence hunter of caribou or moose. If she would forgo hunting, and likewise the profit-making hunters who drive the expedition hunters, perhaps a few wolves could be saved. But heck, she loves her sport and hates wildlife as her record clearly shows. She's a liar and an inciter, and clearly her campaign stops show that.

Second, McCain's campaign did lie in saying that Palin cleared the FBI. The FBI doesn't vet candidates except for security clearances, and the FBI eventually said they did not vet Palin.

I still insist (and have insisted since I commented on it on 9/14), in fact, that both Palin's (because of their activities in the secessionist Alaska Independence Party, AIP--Todd being a member for 7 years, and Sarah's close affiliation--and because of this party's affiliation with other national groups, including some hate groups and racist groups) could likely be on the National Terrorist Watch List.

Wouldn't that just be a kick? Our VP candidate and/or her snowmobiling 'first dude' ( I have to say, the name disgusts me), the inanely stupid hockey mom guilty of ethics violations as Alaska Gov and her hubby tied at the political money-grubbing hip on the U.S. Terrorist Watch List?

Well, apparently, someone else finally got it too:

A charitable characterization of AIP might be "quirky down-home Alaska politics." However, the security processes that govern access to our defense and national security institutions might not look so kindly on Todd Palin's past political associations. Indeed, if Todd Palin were applying for a job in the US government or at a contractor that required access to sensitive classified information -- a security clearance -- he would very likely be ineligible.
--Huffington Post, 10/15/2008

Yeah, it's true. A month after I observed the clear problem with national security, the Huff brought it up. Yeah. Someone at least is doing their homework, albeit pretty late.

I mean hey, if Nelson Mandella was on it (and it took an act of Congress last July to get him off the list), and if Ted Kennedy was on it because of a similarity in names, heck anyone could be on the list which has now spiraled to over a whopping one million names. If the former US Assistant Attorney General (Justice Department), Jim Robinson, landed on the list in 2008, one really has to wonder how much better this Patriot Act-inspired list has been managed.

Sometimes politics is about throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Palin has a longer stick-life than most though a similar IQ to spaghetti. Joe, unfortunately, has probably had close to his 5 minutes of stick-fame. Outing him as an unlicensed plumber and behind in his taxes just isn't all that great. If he was making a national statement about taxes with liens on his home, then perhaps his IQ, too, is spaghetti like Sarah's.

Hey, it doesn't get more spaghetti than that. And it ain't stickin'.

Read the New York Times on Spaghetti-O Joe.

Photo Credit: Jim Young/Reuters