Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Lawyer Reviews the Palin Ethics Report

This makes it pretty easy to understand.

The McCain camp, as usual, blatantly continues to lie about the situation.

First, in a rather bizarre twist, the day before the report was issued, after the Alaska Supremes cleared the way judging against a team of McCain lawyers trying to have the report closed down, the McCain camp basically came out and said that Sarah cleared the hurtles and was innocent. This prior to the release of the report. Now, of course, they say she is still innocent.

Nice try.

Now, of course, they just deny it. I'm waiting for Palin to admonish, "I am not a crook."

Second, they continually refer to the report as a politically influenced report ala Obama. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There is absolutely NO evidence anyone from the Obama campaign has attempted to interfere. There is plenty of visible (and invisible) evidence that the McCain campaign has attempted to interfere, by several lawsuits and through a bevy of operatives sent to Alaska early on and who remain.

Third, and something the press reports about half the time, is that the entire body of 8 republicans and 4 democrats signed off unanimously on the report. This is the legislative committee that the Alaska legislature gave the duty to investigate.

Fourth, the press sometimes mentions a three-person personnel panel also doing an investigation. This came after Sarah SUED HERSELF, triggering their involvement. This board can:

1. Work entirely in secret and has no obligation to release ANY information collected to the media or the public or explain how they came to their (future) conclusion.
2. All were appointed by Palin.

Sarah has a problem with truth, that is clear enough. From the Bridge to Nowhere (which, by the way, is not dead... plans and drawings are still moving ahead) and earmarks she said she had no involvement with, denying she was deep in lobbyists, to denying any involvement in making women pay for their rape kits in Wasilla (she signed the budget which included this, so she either is directly lying or didn't bother to read it, neither of which is good). She also has a problem with her taxes--read potential tax fraud. In fact, Palin had a penchance for meeting with big biz hauling lobbyists around with them.

This ambitious woman has left ethics and truth behind in her sprint to the White House. I called Palin a bellicose bully in one of my blog posts, and more and more I find this to be characteristic.

Meanwhile, Obama remains as cool as a cucumber taking the high road, always. Good for him.

UPDATE: Fr. Christian has his own take... and for a chuckle, read it here.