Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Palin: White House Anons Want Her Off Ticket

I have concluded, based on today's polling, that 43%-45% of Americans don't read, don't have a clue what is going on in the world, don't understand issues, and are flat out nuts. They slam the press for bringing them the truth as though that would somehow invalidate them as humans or (God help em!) indicate they need to do a bit more reading, online or otherwise.

Consider, for instance, this on-online article. This speaks well to the folks I am referencing.

“He's smart, articulate and beguiling but his supporters — his inner circle— are radicals who want revolution,” Billy Benton, 55, an estate agent, said. “I don't know what he was doing in Indonesia all those years — hanging around with Muslim terrorists?” Madeleine Willis, 60, a retired factory worker, asked.

I have been wrong many a time, but not after broad reading to the source on an issue.

It seems to me that we have evolved a cult of anti-intellectual robots that repeat what they hear. We all know where that comes from, without naming them. But it speaks poorly to Americans.

While I am absolutely a progressive liberal in almost all things, I can maintain educated respect for difference of opinion on most with the caveat that:

1. my opponent understands the issue
2. is honest in the use of facts and information
3. isn't into flame-throwing
4. doesn't get personal

I have enormous respect for some that I call opposite advocates, for instance. Those that can legitimately express an equal and well researched opinion. In my neck of the woods, there are few that can qualify for that, but that is because of my age and deep involvement over many years.

I have been involved in local issues of environment and land use for decades. I know (and knew) the people, the background stories, I attended the hearings, and I read the volumes and volumes of documents. Enough, 9 years ago, to fill up 2.5 dumpsters when I cleaned out the storage facility. I have probably that much again, now.

In this election, there have been some startling moves by well known conservatives in terms of the McCain/Palin ticket. The reception to their point of view by Palin supporters, for instance, has been, shall we say, ice cold. And in some cases, their responses have been red hot.

Some, first cautiously supportive of Palin, have come out strongly against her. Why? Well, in a nutshell she is out of her league. She hasn't a clue about the issues that matter. She is not ready to assume the presidency.

To legitimate conservatives, these things do matter.

Many of you here know how I struggled with Obama, especially his energy policy. You encouraged me to look beyond that one point (sort of like anti-choice advocates have to look past that one point to other issues, which some of you have and are doing, likewise).

With that in mind, many conservatives that generally will not stray from the GOP ticket (even when the GOP is neo-con) have come out against Palin, thus against McCain, and some have gone so far as to ask for a replacement VP (though that will never happen).

Consider this video (the real juice starts at about 2:06 or so):

Kathleen Parker is stalwart GOP conservative, and a supporter of both recent Bush runs. She is bright and tenacious and extremely in touch with the conservative end of the spectrum. That should tell you something right there. She is as conservative as it gets short of bolting off the flat earth.