Monday, October 27, 2008

What We Don't Want To Talk About

Thanks to the New Zealand press for printing this article.

It was written by Paul G. Buchanan who the article says studies comparative strategic thought and who was formerly an analyst and consultant to several US security agencies.

It is hard to read and think about, but in the course of this election, and with radical right groups which include everyone from separatists, patriots, Neo-Nazis, white supremest, white nationalist and other groups gaining membership, it is an important piece to read.

Only today, for example, the Huff Post reports that two individuals allegedly plotting to kill 102 people, and the democratic presidential candidate, were arrested.

Please read Buchanan's piece. And it wouldn't hurt to do a lot of praying for the safety of all of our political candidates, people of color in this nation, and the nation as a whole. People are afraid. That fear has been balanced on the words, in large, of Sarah Palin.

And for those of you who may feel threatened because of your political views (attn: Bonnie) just blend in. Overt statements of support that might put you in personal danger are unnecessary. We've got his back in places we are not threatened.

Go here. Read.