Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin Slaps Rape Victims in the Face

UPDATE: 9/19/08, Read more here.

Please watch this and pass it on. Another do-nothing on rape, Sarah Palin.

Alaska is the number one state in the nation for sexual assault. In 2000, Alaska Governor Tony Knowles signed a bill protecting women from being forced to pay for their forensic rape kit in the event of sexual assault. The sponsor of the bill, democrat Eric Croft, said the bill was in part "aimed at Wasilla". Palin was mayor of Wasilla at this time.

At the time of the bill's passage, women were charged between $300 and $1200 for the rape test kit. Insult heaped upon humiliation.

And where was Palin at this time?

Palin was mayor of Wasilla and had fired their police chief, appointing in his place Charlie Fallon who operated directly under Palin. Fallon is reported by the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman as indicating:

Wasilla Police Chief Charlie Fannon does not agree with the new legislation [to ban a rape victim from paying for the kit] , saying the law will require the city and communities to come up with more funds to cover the costs of the forensic exams. [enclosure mine] In the past weve charged the cost of exams to the victims insurance company when possible. I just dont want to see any more burden put on the taxpayer, Fannon said. [emphasis mine]

So, in brief: Palin knew about it. Palin did nothing to change it in Wasilla. Palin appointed a Police Chief that supported this insult to assaulted women.

Yep, she is a great voice and an active advocate for women.

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