Thursday, September 4, 2008

Alaska and Gay Rights: Let's Clear It Up Now!

There has been the most convoluted discussion on many boards about whether Alaska is pro or anti gay marriage. I want to clear this up, and I hope you will help to do likewise. First, let's go to the experts: the lgbt community IN Alaska that knows this stuff first hand:

The Log Cabin Club (gay republicans, not Alaskan homesteaders) believes that Palin's anonymous gay friend makes her an "inclusive" Republican despite her record of strong opposition to LGBT rights.

It's pre-emptive doublespeak. They label Sarah an "inclusive" Republican to hide the real problem - that her religious and political views are openly homophobic and the ticket is hostile to LGBT equality.

Alaskans know Sarah Palin's record against same-sex partner benefits, against same-sex marriage, and against LGBT civil rights. We're not fooled by the new spin. Don't you be fooled either.
--From Bent Alaska, 9/3/08

The site has information up, including a copy of yesterday's (09/03/08) Blade article, "Inclusive or Devisive?"

For an easy to understand history (with links to documents) go here, fifth red-lined issue down.

I have to tell you, some sloppy-reading evangelicals have gone nuts over this, which is really funny. But for lgbt people, they need to understand the correct history.

Now, what is the difference between Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin? Simple.

Obama/Biden don't support lgbt marriage (we have to change that!) but do support equal rights in all other ways. Neither has the horrid history on this that Palin does.

McCain/Palin both oppose lgbt marriage. Palin clearly opposes equal rights in all other ways and has a traceable history.

PLEASE get this information out, would you? There's an awful lot of misinformation out there I am reading at both straight and lgbt sites. It's time to get working for Obama!

If you know me (and you know who you are!) you are welcome to fully copy and use that point in my stuff (second link in this post), without attribution... just copy and use it as you own, or steal the links and use it that way. Please, though, if using mine, use the entire leg history on the issue (the other stuff can remain out).