Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New McCain Add: Goes After Two Things In One

By now, most of you know Palin's stand on aerial killing of wolves. I discussed it at length here. I am tracking the story on Google news etc., and believe me, the animal world is up in arms. Not only does Palin want to continue this practice (actually she said that any method to exterminate the predators was okay with her), but they will be shooting bear sows and cubs the same way. This is the way we steward the earth.

Read Obama's statement here and not the complete denial of sending anyone--from his campaign or the DNC.

More interesting is what McCain's recent add on Obama/Palin did. Watch this:

What this does, psycologically, is turn the aerial gunning of wolves into the alleged attacking of Obama. It equates Obama with the wolves to try to do two things:

1. Make Obama look bad... like a wolf attacking a lamb (Palin)
2. Make wolves look bad because they KNOW they are catching hell for her position on aerial gunning of wolves.

Will it work? Everything will work for a few, but this won't touch most.