Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And On The Domestic Side of Life...

The musician ex is in town for a few days, so am tending to domestic affairs. Hope to be back blogging tomorrow night. Had a plumbing melt down, so had to do that today... plumber left
at 11:30 tonight, returning at 7am. Sheesh! Old houses. Only one old house, BTW.

But for now...


What is P up to now? Well, in brief, she has agreed to testify before a board she appointed instead of the investigative body she told she would cooperate with. Details, details. She, as gov, can fire each of these three folks she wants to testify to. Knowing her alleged tendency and reputation for retaliation, you tell me how this works out. Would be like Nixon being investigated by his own cabinet. Or Bush by his own DOJ--and we know how well that worked out.

The economic meltdown is not being taken lightly. Well, at least not by the dems. McCain still cannot figure out how to make his causal anti-regulation stance wash. And if you haven't yet figured out the big deal, well oil went up by $20/barrel in the last four days, and future prices (against the euro) is further diminished meaning that whatever you buy will, in the future, cost a WHOLE lot more. Those in poverty now... well, that class will expand likewise. Anyone up for a 'war on poverty'?

Here's McCain's nonsense... listen carefully. Did he every answer the questions? Um, no.

On the melt down, Obama is holding steady and has done very well through the econ crisis consulting the best of the best. Yes, we can. He is positioning himself right--and thoughtfully. God help him, he is going to have a bizarre first term.

Bill Clinton is making some headlines--and as far as I am concerned, he is walking a curved line. What is this, the year of living nicely? He should know better. When canvassing, however, never mention her. She does arouse some strong emotions which might be what he is going after (though I confess to not knowing one woman that likes her). It is, and should be, about policy, but given she has none, hard to go after that. And yes, it really is about McCain and his anti-regulatory stance. So Bill is right, but he is also wrong.