Sunday, September 7, 2008

Biden on Meet the Press: You should watch this!

If you missed it, watch it here. Worth watching, Biden was great. I have no idea how Palin can debate this man on real issues... he has 35 years in Congress, and as head of the Foreign Relations committe, his knowledge extends far beyond even her knowledge of geography!

I think watching this will cheer you up!


Biden: What does she know, what does she think, what's her record, what's she going to do?

Family is off limits and we mean it. Her silence on the issues is deafening.

Oprah refused to have her on her show.

Polls: Gallop: Obama 47%, McCain 45%, both got a bounce, going to be a tough, close race.

Obama 38 million watching convention, McCain 39 million watching.

Will they send Hillary Clinton into working class states she won in? Yes... Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana? Yep, she is a big player, and Biden hopes to be there also. Bill Clinton, likewise.

She and he (Clintons) will go side by side with both Biden/Obama variously.

Country is really tuned in like they have never seen before.

Biden: Debates will be the most watched in the history of debates. Biden thinks they can win Montana. Biden thinks they can compete and win. Town halls restrain candidates from campaigning in states they think they can win.

Talked about the surge in Iraq. Important: This will come up. An important section. Biden is talking about a time line, something McCain opposes. Biden sums it up well. If you watch this, you have to wonder how Palin would EVER keep up with Biden's knowledge. Talks about the bottom-up approach working. Policies are localizing in Iraq. Question is, how do you get Iran and Syria to stop supporting the Shia? Administration has signed on to Obama's plan in Iraq. His plan is working. Points out that John doesn't address the REGION where competing interests exist. Let's see how the regional elections go, let's hope they go well.

Talked about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and feds taking over. Very important on this issue. Joe talks about the three principles behind it. ... interesting. I believe that McCain has said they should not be bailed out... that all this should be privatized. Not sure about that, though.

Regarding agent of change. Obama on washington lobbyists... Really nailed them! Addressed McCain and his lobby staff. They take Biden to task over legislation over Delaware legislation... then go after his son. (remember the family off limits stuff?????) Talked about a MBNA bankruptcy bill that Biden supported (I am not in agreement with some Biden did on this). Biden defends himself well. Biden the first two bankruptcy bills that came up. This will come up. Is Biden in the pocket of industry? Ask them how happy they are with me! On individual wealth, he is 99 of 100 in the Senate in terms of wealth. Meaning, the second poorest.

Biden DID protect people making under $49K in the bankruptcy bill.

If lobbyists want to see Biden, the CEO has to see him.

Talked about his faith he is a RCatholic. Went over the Obama and the "pay grade" remark at Warren's. Talks about Archbishops across the country going after Pelosi. So... into the abortion issue. This section, and Biden's reply, is FABULOUS.

Biden: says he knows when it begins for him, but defends others views that do not coincide with his. He accepts the view of his faith. "For me to impost that judgement on everyone else who are equally and maybe even more devout than I am seems to be as inappropriate in a pluralistic society." He does not accept the feds paying for it. AND he says they are going to spend considerable time supporting mothers who have their children to reduce abortion. FINALLY!

They talked about Lieberman. They are good friends, Biden and Lieberman.

Biden takes it back to the issues! Yeah! Goes over taxes, foreign policy, health care, etc.

Same deal no change in reference to McCain and Bush.