Sunday, September 28, 2008

For Matthew Shepard and Those Before and After

This beautiful human being died at the hands of hate on October 12, 1998. Matthew, an Episcopalian, was 21 years old.

I write this today as Chicagoans hold a tenth demonstration since Matthew's murder.

Watch these two beautiful tributes to Matthew.

Hate was not born with Matthew. Sadly, it did not die with him either:

After Matthew's murder, his mother, Judy, and friends began a foundation called the Matthew Shepard Foundation which fought for comprehensive hate crimes legislation in Wyoming, Matthew's home state, to include lgbt people and all others. Please go and buy a 'stop hate' tee shirt if you don't have one. Stop hate means... stop hate, no matter who.

Here is his mother, Judy, when hate crime legislation was passed in her state, Wyoming:

Today, for the tenth straight year, a march was held in Chicago, Illinois to demand equal rights for lgbt persons. For everyone that reads this site, you know it means equal rights for everyone... everyone. Every single one. This march began as a huge protest in response to Matthew's death.

And today, a bench was dedicated to the University of Wyoming in his memory.

You all know from reading this site how important equal rights are to me. And if you are reading here, I know you also support them.

Please say a prayer for Matthew, and light a candle.

The Peace of the Lord Be With You.