Friday, September 19, 2008

Updates: First Dude Ignores Subpoenas: Investigation Proceeds

UPDATE: Palin is lying again. Boy. Read on the issue here.

read AP article, here. Compares the current situation to the legal manipulations of the GOP in 2000, "the year of the hanging chad". Kos has a piece up as well, read it here.

This could, in fact, be the wind on the house of cards that is the GOP presidential campaign.

Todd Palin, and the other twelve folks who received subpoenas to testify before the largely Republican committee on Palin's "interference" in a case regarding a state trooper formerly married to Sarah Palin's sister.

"Troopergate", as it has come to be called, will apparently end on October 10 with or without their testimony as announced today. Three of the five folks on the investigating committee, which Sarah Palin invited and said she would cooperate with, are Republicans. Both Palins have done an about-face on the matter, now refusing to testify.

The GOP sent a cadre of attorney's to Alaska to stymie the case. Among their actions, the group advised all those receiving subpoenas to refuse to testify and ignore the subpoenas. Among the more bizarre comments from the McP campaign is that the process was politicized by democrats faulting Obama. The case, however, began prior to McCain's choice of Sarah Palinas his vice presidential candidate.

Sound familiar?

This is Palin's version of transparency, something she has advocated through the campaign that she would advocate for as a "reformer". She has also refused to hand over e-mails and information sitting on her personal yahoo account that she used to avoid public scrutiny.

That's a "reformer's" transparency.

Glen Greenwald writes an excellent piece over at which is a worthwhile read and pretty well sums things up to this point.

October 10 could be a banner day for Palin--or not.