Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Media: Are The Sheep Stirring?

Since the announcement of Palin's position on the GOP ticket, many on the net have been writing on Palin positions. Not an easy thing to do given her status until late August.

An early Post of mine, here, from 30 August, caught the "Bridge to Nowhere" lie quickly.

Now, finally, the press is starting to look at her "real" record--catching up with the net.

This piece from CBS News, for instance, which addresses her outrageous bridge lie that she continues to spout with much aplomb, came out just today--10 full days after many of us on the net were able to discern the truth.

It should be noted that the corporate media of which CBS is a part, has all but failed to reveal much on Palin to date.

Don't expect much from Palin's Thursday interview--Gibson was chosen as the first interviewee for a good reason: he doesn't play hardball. And while Obama, McCain and Biden face the media, as they must, Palin has been recoiled in the shadows, a venomous snake that bites when threatened but cannot find it's way out of an empty oil drum.

McCain's campaign which issued a most bizarre statement on why they will not allow Palin in the media spotlight reeks of dishonesty. Rick Davis, McCain's campaign manager, said on "Fox News Sunday" that she would not put herself before a "cycle of piranhas called the news media" until reporters started to treat her "with some level of respect and deference."

Here is the response of the Los Angeles Times yesterday:

John McCain's campaign essentially confirmed over the weekend what some had suspected: Media access to Sarah Palin, would-be vice president of the United States, will be tightly controlled.
Troublemakers need not apply.And how will we know those troublemakers? They will be the ones unwilling to treat the governor of Alaska with what campaign manager Rick Davis called "some level of respect and deference."


The dictionary definitions I find begin with "respectful submission" and "yielding."

There is no question that Palin doesn't know issues and is busy doing her lessons on everything from world geography to foreign affairs issues in between stops where she repeats the bridge to nowhere lie. And the revelation about her daughter's pregnancy and the resulting media gave them cover to keep their candidate sequestered from the naughty, probling press. Afterall, the place of the press in America has often become one of cheerleading for the mindless as Fox News so routinely exemplifies. It is important to remember that the press shielded Bush's lies on Iraq until they boiled over sequestering dissident voices of knowledge like Scott Ridder.

I don't buy it. I surely don't see the press as some kind of "cycle of piranhas". I prefer the more honest approach of sheep asleep. Seems to me they have been deferent for the last 20 years, and clearly the last eight.

One can only wonder how an American public can fall for this. Perhaps we are wholly as stupid as some reveal us to be.

UPDATE: Great piece by the Washington Post on the obvious: Palin is clueless.