Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin and Gibson: Her First Interview--OMG!

Watch it here. and watch it twice or more, not once.

We are in such danger.

The woman is clueless on foreign policy. She made it very clear. She didn't even know what the Bush Doctrine Was! Oh my God, please help us.

She looks scared to death, and should. She has no idea what she is doing.

Count how many times she doesn't answer the questions... just count them.

We are in such deep do-do if the GOP wins and this woman is a breath away from the presidency.

Added: if she says "nucular" the wrong way one more time I'm going to slap her! Gads, the most destructive force on earth and she cannot say it.... argh. Dear, it is Nuclear...(newcleeur for you no-nukes in your state Alaskans) or ˈnü-klē-ər if you live next to one which spews hundreds of curies into the air each time they go down for service.

I am shocked. Even I expected her to do better.