Friday, September 19, 2008

P's Dead Lake: Wasilla's Land Use Lobotomy

As you may know from reading my blog, I am considered a lay expert in land use. I found this article in very instructive not only about Wasilla but what P did and did not do in this regard.

We know about her feelings regarding the ecological balance between species which involves aerial slaughter of wolves AND bear sows and cubs so that more caribou and moose are available for tourist hunters. We know about her attacks and litigation on the endangered species act listing of the polar bear.

We know she is fighting the listing of the beluga whale in Alaska.

We know she is fighting the listing of three seal species in Alaska.

We know she opposed legislation that would have watched out for water quality in the face of a mine (Pebble Mine) in Alaska.

We know she supports drilling in ANWR, and has lied about the project's alleged 2,000 sq. ft. foot print (this really cracks me up... common parlance for someone trying to make a project look small).

We know she doesn't believe that humans are causing global warming/climate change. She recently has allegedly softened on this, but I don't believe it. You cannot smile and cheer at "Drill, baby, drill," and simultaneously support use of carbon based fuels. 430K years of carbon levels in ice don't lie.

We know she advocates for nuclear power and "clean coal" (no such thing). She has experience with neither, and no experience of knowledge whatsoever on the various radioactive waste streams.

We know she defeated a wind project in her state.

This is a woman McP suggests is a world expert on energy (and even if you consider oil alone, it is not true). This is a woman he says he will put in charge of our energy planning. Swell. This is a woman with NO science background and no interest in environmental science and a woman who also lied about the science findings on the polar bear which was discovered by a persistent scientist through an open records act request (they originally wanted to charge him in excess of $450,000 for the materials--some transparency!).

I deal with slugs like P all the time. They could care less about the environment and pay experts to help them through the process--read lie.

The fact that her town is a land use mess speaks volumes about her approach to the environment in which she, herself, lives... a standard she would certainly not hesitate to insist is likewise suitable for us all.

So, if you eat, breath or drink water you cannot possibly support this candidate.

BTW: The ESA is in serious trouble. I will be posting and hope you all will take action.