Thursday, September 18, 2008

McCain Cannot Get His Campaign In One Bucket...

If you follow politics, you know (much younger face, much more putrefied brain) Phil Gramm. That smiling face to the right is him pondering deregulation and privatization.

How is your face doin' today? Smiling like he is over the bright and fundamentally sound economy?

Two paragraphs from an online Austrailian Newspaper pretty much get it right, as I see it.

DESPITE trying to distance himself from the way his party has done business in Washington, John McCain is seen by voters as less likely to bring change to Washington than Barack Obama.

Here's Phil Gramm on July 9, 2008, telling us we are whining about the US loss of competitiveness (31 seconds):

So, who the hell is Phil Gramm (for you that don't recognized that well-healed, very right wing GOP name)? Read this from, the Houston Chronicle (his home-state newspaper), titled Phil Gramm's fingerprints are all over market mess. Elected Texans must have it out for the economy.

Yes, this is the same Phil Gramm that was McCain's Sr. economic advisor (from summer of 2007 until July 18, 2008. Gives an entirely new meaning to the word 'whip') that called Americans 'whiners'. Gramm "stepped down" from his McCain position nine days after calling millions of people whiners though he still advises McCain's campaign, which explains oh so much.

Here's a quote from the article:

Last February, Fortune Magazine called Gramm "McCain's Econ Brain.

"Gramm lost the official title of economic adviser for making an impolitic remark about this being "a nation of whiners." But Gramm's belief in letting speculators do as they please was never an issue. And even after he left the campaign, Gramm had been mentioned as a possible Treasury secretary in a McCain administration.

Another Gramm contribution was the "Enron loophole," which prevented federal oversight of Enron's electronic energy trading. Such favors proved very expensive to consumers but profitable to the Gramms. Enron CEO Ken Lay chaired Gramm's 1992 re-election campaign, and wife Wendy Gramm spent years on the Enron board, earning as much as $1.8 million, according to Public Citizen, a consumer advocate.

Golly. He does sound like a brain, doesn't he? Never mind the "impolite remarks". Gramm was out to screw the American people through his failed economic philosophy, and he succeeded. During the Bush administration, he had considerable weight.

McCain hired him, advocated his positions and now has the absolute gall to tell us he has a clue and will "reform" the gov, first saying he was against increased regulatory oversight, then saying he was for it.

And never mind what the "P" said. That would be Rove talking, and she has absolutely nothing to bring to this table absent memorization and she can barely get that right. P inherited a healthy economy in her little town and left them $20million in debt. Yup, she is a Republican alright. Yup, that would be the same Rove that not only developed Bush's positions, he now develops McCains as well, and P's likewise. Rove told her what her positions were, then, as a staff contributor for Fox News, Rove reviewed her fake Hannity interview and his own positions. That's Fox's brand of 'no conflict'. And that's totally Rove.

Gramm also wrote and shepherded laws through congress, while a senator from Texas, advantaging the very kinds of business that we are all concerned about now.

Gramm's wife was on the Board of Directors of the Enron Corporation while he was drafting legislation to advantage Enron and corporations like them.

This is what voting for McCain will do... more of the same, or worse. For now, P (as in pathetic, her rating by the American public plummeting) is being outshined as people actually focus on the issues.