Friday, September 5, 2008

Morning News Roundup: Obama, Palin, Biden

ETHICS, errr Or Lack of Same

While Palin remains involved in "Troopergate", it would appear that subpoenas may be issued for the now seven people refusing to testify. Interestingly, they will not subpoena Palin. Sound familiar?

Additionally, another complaint has been filed by the trooper's union. It would appear Palin or someone in her office illegally captured private employee files of the trooper involed Troopergate.

On the Post GOP Convention Election "Bounce"

Nothing really startling has happened YET (the bounce should show most on Monday or so, if there is a real bounce), but some preliminary information is very interesting. Read it here. Commentary and link to data. Note the positive data for Biden being added to Obama's ticket! Look at what people polled thought about the choices of Biden and Palin and cheer up!

Wilson Sisters tell McCain "Back off on using Barracuda"! File an cease and desist notice.

Gotta love it. Read here.
Makes me like them (which I always have) all the more.