Sunday, September 7, 2008

McCain on Face the Nation

You can watch it here,

Transcript is also available at that link (look on the right hand side of the screen).

Is his 65th appearance (McCain).

Complimented McCain on his statement on change, and that McCain admitted his party is part of the problem. Here we go again with the Maverick image. Argh. Talks about him fighting special interests, how he differed from Bush on Iraq (???) etc. Odd. Has to make a strong case about change, etc.

Has the right kind of running mate to do this also.

Are you going to try to form some kind of unity government? (this is important!). He is playing his bi-partisan hand. If GOP favors this, I will give everyone on the planet $100 bucks! What a joke! Will have dems in cabinet, but doesn't know how many. Says he will have the smartest people in America (Wow... then explain Palin!). Will ask some to work for $1 / year.

On Palin: Comments on how he may have turned the evangelical community around. Also acknowledges that many republicans don't like Palin and think she is not qualified. ... Went on to do the lies thing about Palin. Gave money back to taxpayers. Who better in the political landscape than Palin to do this... and winning! I've taken them on... she's done more than I have.

Takes on the Palin/Obama experience issue. She's excited the base and Americans all over the country. Gads... talks about the personality effect etc. She is kind of what Americans have been looking for. I think being Mayor is a very important job these days... LOL. Sure thing, bud.

Her experience and background not only qualifies her...

Going to put her on Face the Nation soon... ha!

Talks about Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae. Thinks it has to be done. Example of lobbyists etc. Gads, talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Talks about cronyism. He was not taken to task about HIS lobbyists.

He talks about taxpayers being covered first. More regulation, more oversight, more transparency... mmmm. Didn't Palin say we don't need more regulations?

Congress passed laws that allowed these massive loopholes to exist. "Weare so close to the special interests that somehow Americans are completely disregarded." Wow. You mean those whining Americans????? according to you staffer?

Use of the term community organizer. Denigrating use of language. Palin talked about it too. Why was that term used in that way? In response to her being the mayor of a small town... also knows more than anyone in America about energy "at that level"...

So, you do not think it was a negative that Barak Obama was a community organizer? No I do not. Barack never took on his own party on a single issue. Which is a lie. Doesn't have the experience. Lists Georgia, Iran, I just don't think he has the judgement. I think I can make a stron case that he does not have the judgment necessary, I think Sarah Palin does.

36 black delegates out of 2300 there. How can you be a party made up of white people? We can't. We have to reach out, we have to have the Hispanic and African American voters. I'll be the president of everybody... LOL. Like he isn't GOP. We're you surprised at that? No, but I was disappointed. What are you going to do about that? education, create jobs... gads names Lincoln (the war was not started over slavery, it was an economic issue...). Sheesh.

Talks about voucher system. Education. We have to provide the kinds of opportunities. Let's get the economy back on track again... In 65 appearances, we have probably never had an economy in worse shape. BUT YOU SAID THE ECONOMY IS FUNDAMENTALLY SOUND? Because I have faith in America. Gads.

Volunteer army came up. Shouldn't there be some way in a democracy that we share this burden? That's why i fought for a national service .... give people a chance to serve their country. Like that isn't available now???? (Makes me wonder what he thinks community organizing is... he doesn't get it.)

You and Barack Obama will appear together on 911. "It's a time of solidarity for Americans." As I said in my convention speech, I admire Obama... but we're going to win this election.

Watch it and watch for his flip-flops. They are there.