Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Likin' This Here Trend! and More On McP

And on the P...

--Maybe we won't have to explain to our world counterparts the stupidity of Americans after all? Go here and take a peek.

--New polling data (multiples) showing Obama/Biden rising, McCain/P slipping check it out here. Good news.

--On another note, former US Army Brigadier General (retired) Janis L. Karpinski writes about how the P could launch us back in time. VERY worth the read. An excerpt:

Palin, however, is a dangerous choice and her style goes against the grain of feminists and women everywhere. We spent years seeking equality, and ask only for a level playing field where we can find credit for our accomplishments and capabilities and the opportunities to compete fairly. Sarah Palin can launch us back in time and remove years of progress, albeit slow and incomplete.