Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Palin Seriously Dissed by AK Newspaper

It would appear that Sarah Palin's elevation to VP nominee has changed just about everything in her home state and folks, they ain't at all happy.

Read it here.

When McCain returns to the Senate and Palin to Alaska, their worlds will not be the same, and Palin, having taken a major, if well deserved, hit may never recover, politically.

Unless Palin pulls a bunny out of her hat on Thursday against Biden, it may, indeed, be over for the McCain/Palin campaign. Their numbers are waning.

Additionally, many top conservatives are calling for Palin to remove herself from the campaign for the good of the country. CBS will be airing, apparently one or possibly two more very embarrassing segments of her interview with Katie Couric/CBS, before Thursday. It cannot get much worse than it was with Couric as it is. However, we are told these segments are as bad or worse.

Here's one!

Um, wow. No one can really say much about that.

Short of bailing out the US, I cannot imagine what McCain can do now to shore up his campaign--especially where Palin is concerned. Palin will be doing some conservative radio shows, but that is not likely to do much of anything. These are the folks likely already voting for her.

It was a roll of the dice. Maybe there is a miracle roll out there of sixes, but right now, it sure doesn't look that way.