Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Bails In Several Ways: Letterman goes Nuts

You really MUST see this entire thing... it is almost minute x minute. McCain is a liar.

McCain was scheduled to be on Letterman's show last night. Having yesterday literally suspended his campaign, including pulling ALL commercials (maybe he finally thinks he should review them before airing them?), he also calls Letterman and says... I am literally flying back to D.C.... gotta get on this bailout thing and fix it.

As it turns out, he is in the studio next door with Katie Couric interviewing WHILE Letterman is on, and Letterman shows the interview...

Hardly on a plane... maybe more like trying to bail out Sarah Palin from her rather disastrous interview with Couric.

Watch what happens... This is just classic. It doesn't get ANY better than this. This is 10 min of Letterman on this issue.

If you want to skip to Letterman talking about McCain not showing up--and the extremely last minute bail of McCain--skip to about 2:25.