Friday, September 26, 2008

Personal Post: Thanks for the notes to my email!

A lot of you have said you missed the updates and have come to rely on them v. having to scratch the "news" from the news yourselves. I so appreciate the support and comments. This is a major interest of mine and as you have probably surmised, I am a huge reader.

Also, a lot of you have wished me well in my temporary mild posting knowing I had family issues. Well... not only thank you, but this week was a terror!

First, the beloved came to town. It was wonderful to see him again. I have missed him.

Second, my 94 yo mom broke her foot, and I have been running around like mad (among the normal madness) trying to get things set and settled, so to speak.

Third, I get to mom's this morning, and the entire place is taped off with police tape: Her front tenant was dead... not natural causes, either. Suicide or Homicide. Please say a prayer for Sylvia. When I drove up you can imagine my heart rate!

Police, sheriffs, crime scene investigators and detectives of all kinds and sorts were there for almost 12 hours until the tape was down and bag after bag of things were taken out for labeling and off to examination. Not only that, they let the dang cat out... and her cat was an inside only cat. So, I got them to let me get the cat (who was scared to death and actually dangerous to pick up, but I didn't get bit or scratched, minor miracle!) and got her into my mom's den.

I finally drove home in the dastardly rush hour, let the dogs out... and listened to the debate...

Sheesh! What a couple of days! I need some sleep and a strong scotch and water and some stress-free time (an hour would be good!).

But I am back at it.

Thanks for all your inquiries and notes of support. When I am absent... there is a good reason. Thank you for thinking of me.

And, BTW, MY cat, BOB, is doing great (eating like a pig). But I need you prayer warriors to help me out with one more thing. The cat needs to eat something other than fried chicken, so if you can ask God to whisper a little about food in this cat's ear, that would be real helpful. I can keep him healthy even with this eccentricity, but the real matter is keeping him stable and being sure he is adoptable. As you might imagine, most new owners are not interested in a cat they have to buy or cook fried (not baked, not boiled...) chicken for, shred it and give vitamins for support.

So the next task is getting beyond this. Pray for Bob! And, as I do, put him on your parish's prayer list please!

Again, thank you so much for your thoughtful notes. They are greatly appreciated.