Friday, September 5, 2008

EveningUp: Palin files complaint against self, FOF to visit Palin's Church to "cure gays", Partisanship underlines Palin

Beautiful music, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

In an extraordinary move, Sarah Palin has filed an ethics inquiry into herself. Yes, you read that right. The L.A. Times reports today, September 6, 2008, "Ms. Palin took the extraordinary step Tuesday of filing an ethics complaint against herself, making the matter fall within the bailiwick of the personnel board. Mr. Van Flein then asked the Legislature to drop its inquiry." Palin appointed the members of the three-person board. Rather than discussed openly in the legislature, the Board does all their hearing in secret. All I can say is those GOP folks sure know how to cover up the truth, don't they? Wow.

Palin's church, Wasilla Bible Church will be holding a "curing of homosexuality" course, Love Wins Out, in mid-September promoted by the hard right religious group Focus on the Family as reported by the New York Times September 6, 2008. Wasilla Bible Church is a fundamentalist, plain reading church. Gads, what nonsense.

Partisanship is playing an important role in Palin's acceptance reports The Washington Post today, September 6, 2008. It's a good article to read to see what is going on, statistically.