Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The GOP Strategy on Palin: The "Alaska Maverick"

The "Alaska Maverick", Palin's new nik. This is exactly what to expect when the GOP talks about Palin; something tying to McCain's former image as a "reformer" to Palin.

For more information on Palin lies about Obama, go here. This piece, Palin v. reality is stellar and takes lines from her convention speech targeted at Obama. You can use this in your support for Obama... lots of good stuff there and these issues will come up given Palin's convention lies.

On ethics investigations regarding Palin (a new complaint was just filed), go here for "troopergate". I am looking now for a good piece on the new complaint.

(UPDATE: BTW, read a GREAT piece on the GOP's whining about sexism/Palin here. Just another GOP strategy!)

Maverick on Pork? No.
So say it to yourself ten times. Then read her flip-flop on the "Bridge to Nowhere" which involved "pork" for the project. That pork money was never returned to the federal govenment. Read this on the ridiculous "bridge to nowhere" and her flip-flopping on the matter. It is footnoted. There is another piece here.

Maverick on Science? No.
I think we covered Palin's "Maverick" views on creationism and "Intelligent Design" (ID) here. They are hardly Maverick. She is a Biblical literalist, a creationist, and supports both creationism and ID being taught in science classes.

Maverick on global warming? No.
Palin does not believe it is caused by humans. Read about it here.

Maverick on listing of the polar bear under the ESA? No.
She obficasted scientific opinion, and lied about it, then sued to de-list them from the endangered species act. Read here. Read my thoughts here.

Maverick on civil rights for lgbt folks? No.
Palin supported (right up to 2007) marriage as defined by one man/one woman.
Here is a history, with links because this subject is a bit convoluted and tricky.

_______________Cut and USE_______________

1. "Palin said she's not out to judge anyone and has good friends who are gay, but that she supported the 1998 constitutional amendment." [this bill defined marriage as man/woman] From this.

2. The language of Ballot Measure 2 (1998) can be read here.

So, Palin SAID in the article that she voted for one man/one woman definition of marriage. THERE it is.

3. 9 lgbt couples sued over Measure 2 in 1999. In 2005, the court returned an "unconstitutional" decision on the 1998 constitutional amendment banning gay marriage (actually, it affirms opposite sex marriage, but same result).

4. Then the issue got even more openly sticky and hostile.

In response to the 2005 court decision to the 1998 amendment (Measure 2), the Alaska legislature passed HB4001 and HB4002. Text of HB 4001 is here.

5. This is the Governor's press release on her veto of HB 4001 from 2006.

6. Now, as for HB 4002, Palin signed this on Dec. 20, 2006. The bill put before the voters an ADVISORY vote on benefits for same sex partners of employees and retirees. The point of HB 4002, in Palin's own words: "Palin has said that when voters approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman eight years ago, many believed they were also implying that a gay partner shouldn't get state benefits." This comment is located about half way through this article.

7. Here is the language of HB 4002 as sent to the governor.

8. Here is the governor's office release on HR 4002, and NOTE the language in it about the 1998 amendment. [interestingly, look at the DATE on this--8/29/08. This must have been put up in response to press questions? Odd. I almost have to wonder if it is original, but it does come from her office.]

9. HR 4002 mandated a vote to capture opinion on the benefits issue on April 3, 2007. The results of the Advisory referendum, held as a special election on April 3, 2007 , costing $1.2million, are here. The referendum passed (meaning, a yes vote was to limit benefits, a no vote would extend benefits to partners of same gender employees and retirees).

I am still looking for the actual ballot language for Measure 2. Will post when located.

This is a story behind Measure 2 litigation and the people.

Here you can read the Alaska Law Review on the subject, including the origins of the marriage amendment, important to read. Here, is one paragraph from this work which, BTW, writers admit to supporting the man/woman marriage act (the '98 act), so brace yourself, but the history is absolutely fascinating):

"On February 27, 1998, Anchorage Superior Court Judge Peter Michalski held in Brause v. Bureau of Vital Statistics7 that under the Alaska Constitution, each person has a "fundamental right" to choose his or her "life partner," whether that partner is of the same or opposite sex.8 His unprecedented decision provoked an extraordinary reaction: the introduction and passage of a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman.9 The Marriage Amendment was challenged between its passage and the November general election, and the Alaska Supreme Court allowed a modified version to proceed to a vote.10 On November 3, 1998, the Alaska Marriage Amendment passed by a vote of sixty-eight to thirty-two percent.11"

If you need more information, please contact:

Maverick on wolves killed by aerial means? No.
Palin has supported a method to increase caribou and moose for non-subsistence hunting. There was no science in this. It was all about profit and hunting. Read about it here, and here, and here.

Maverick on Sex Education in School? No.
She is against sex education in school standing on the evangelical stance of "abstinence only", covered here and here. Update: apparently, she has shifted her views to include discussion of contraception using condoms as discussed here in the Los Angeles Time, 9/5/08.

Maverick on Iraq? No.
Palin supports the administration's failed policies in fact admits that she doesn't think about it much." To her credit, she does favor having an exit plan, something McCain does not. Read it here.

Maverick on Oil/Energy? No.
Read about it here. Palin believes we CAN drill our way out of our problem. Palin has also been a long-time supporter of drilling in ANWR. Read it here.

Maverick on Women's Reproduction Issues? No.
--Palin does not believe in the pill, the IUD, the IUS etc. Read about it here.

--Palin opposes a woman's right to choose, even in the case of rape or incest. here
Q: Under what circumstances should abortion be legal in the state of Alaska?
A: I respect the sanctity of innocent human life and am a pro-life supporter.

Maverick on the Economy? Unknown.

Maverick on the Environment? No.
Palin's singular environmental work has been on oil, which she supports the drilling of in ANWR. (See her quote under Energy, above). She has no expertience in nuclear, "clean" coal, oil shale, or renewables.

Maverick on Stem Cell Reseach? No.
Read her written comment here.

Maverick on the Death Penalty? No
Palin supports the death penalty. Read her written comment here.
Q: The platform of the Republican Party of Alaska states “We support swift implementation of capital punishment for heinous crimes and implementation of strong mandatory minimum prison sentences for all persons, including minors, committing crimes with deadly weapon(s) or deadly force.” Alaska does not have a death penalty. Will you propose the state adopt capital punishment?

A: I support capital punishment for heinous crimes and would support a Legislature that sought capital punishment.

So, tell me. What exactly is she a Maverick on?