Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Log Cabin Club Press Interview with Patrick Sammon: Your Thoughts?

(Update at end)

Sammon indicates that one in four lgbt voters are republican. Indicated 49% of the GOP convention delegates support lgbt rights, combined: support either marriage or equal rights but not marriage. Mmm.

They did not support Bush feeling his support of the national marriage amendment was a wedge issue putting lgbt folks in the lurch and felt they were being used.

Nonetheless, the GOP plank still has support for the federal marriage amendment. Therefore, given McCain supports state's rights to make the decision, the Lob Cabin Club will support McCain.

If you watch the whole piece (please do!), there are telephone questions offered to Sammon.

UPDATE: Media Matters has taken Sammon to task for suggesting that the Club's support of Palin rested on her veto of an amendment to refuse benefits to same-sex partners. In fact, she did NOT do it for the right reason, and has signed statements stating that she does not support same sex partner benefits and does support a state constitutional amendment on lgbt related issues (read, supports restrictions against equality). Read it here. Read it under the Country Fair.